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Driver's License Affidavits

H-2A Temporary Workers in Kentucky & Tennessee can drive a licensed vehicle as long as they have a valid Mexican Driver's License. Each worker that drives must have a Mexican Driver's License, a Passport with Visa, and I-94 Card, and a Notarized Interpreter Affidavit of a Foreign Country Driver's License document.  If you need a Notarized Interpreter Affidavit, please give us a call.  If you are member of our association, there wont' be any charge. 
Training & Education

We make every effort to train and educate anyone who has an interest in the H-2A Program.  We will provide training and education to organizations that have members that are interested.
Spanish Language Translations

Spanish translations can be provided on request.  A member of the staff can translate your document from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. 
Temporary Work Visas

We can process the appropriate paperwork through the different government agencies to attain temporary visas through the H-2A temporary program.  We have the knowledge and the experience to make this program work for you.  Customer service is always a priority.
We can provide you the following services.
Monthly Newsletter

Each month, we issue a newsletter to give you the most up-to-date information on the H-2A program.  We will also give you reminders of the requirements of the program to help keep you in compliance.
Del Al & Associates' Facility in Monterrey

Del Al & Associates H2 Processing Facility is located in Monterrey, Mexico. This safe & convenient facility will accommodate the H2 applicants (workers) Del Al processes for employers.   There is absolutely no fee to applicants for use of the facility or services.

   1.  Can accommodate 400 workers 
   2.  Restrooms for both men and women
   3.  Luggage storage area (workers no longer have to find a place and  pay a fee to have their luggage        stored.
   4.  Located 2 blocks from the ASC ( Application Service Center )
   5.  Located in the heart of the hotel area in Monterrey 
   6.  There are a variety of restaurants and fast food vendors nearby